On May 9th we saw Janet Doucet.  She did a project with us.  We had to draw two circles.We put into to the circles what we researched.  After we did that, we found out what the word of the day was. It was stewardship.  Stewardship meant we have to take care of the habitat.  Then we did more reserch on our animals that we are working on  for the website. 

Today on April 30 we did some research on our animals. Some people went with my teacher to go do another photosynth because some peoples' feet got in it.  I loved doing research. 
by Britney
On April,27 we went to the N.B trails to do some reseach  on our projects outside and we took a photosynth of a white birch and a golden rod and  rose bush. After that we walked back to the school when the bell rang.

By Jayde
    Today some people made a photosynth. We also had some technical difficulties,too. The wireless wasn't working! My partner and I got to witness that firsthand. Also,some people posted a blog.
    On April 18 we did some research for the animals we are working on.  We got computers and books for research.We answered questions that people in our class wanted to know about the plants and animals. We wrote the information down on paper.  My group is doing it on the red fox.  My group took pictures of a stuffed red fox for photosynth. Photosynth is a 360 degree veiw of a plant or animal.  It was really fun.  I can't wait to do it again!  
On Monday, April 9, my class went walking on the NB Trail to learn more about plants and animals. We took photos of the trembling aspen.Then we got in groups of three and examined plants like the speckled alder, trembling aspen, white birch and more. We also found two bird nests. We saw lots of black  knot on the plants and trees. I hope some day you can come walking on the NB trail.
                                            By Brody